Billy Thompson

A madman with the power to control electricity.



Early Life

Billy was an innocent victim of the Rootville Lumberjacks ‘Tree Bark’ joke when he was a freshman in 2002. When the meta-wave hit Rootville , the blast shocked his system. He was taken to a hospital where he laid in a coma for 12 years.

Year One

An extreme unbalance in Billy’s electrolyte levels kept him from aging and made him susceptible to an electrical storm which hit the hospital’s generator. Billy escaped with the ability to manipulate electricity. He set off for Rootville to exact revenge upon those who tormented him as a child.

After killing the three of the football players who tied him up, he found Daniel, Kasey, and Tyler had been tied up to trees as well. Disappointed that nothing had changed, he planned to kill everyone at the school dance by turning on the sprinklers and electrocuting them. Daniel, Kasey and Tyler stopped him and then he was sent to Grimoire Asylum.

Billy Thompson

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