Subject 003 (Charizmo)


Early Life

Charizmo was the third meta-human to be created by SHADOW for their Operation Solution-X. Charizmo possessed incredible psychic powers which allowed him to read minds, transmit thoughts and some mind control. Due to the immense psychic energies emanating from his head, his cranium grew to an unusually large size and prevented the growth of hair. Because of his deformities the Overshadow, Kraven Christianson rejected him and prepared to eliminate him. Charizmo escaped with the help of another test subject, Stonewall and acquired a hover chair to support his large head.

Year One

He and Stonewall began recruiting other meta-human test subjects to stop the Overshadow. His first recruits were Sandstorm, Sonic Reptile, and Gills

Subject 003 (Charizmo)

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