The Story So Far
Hero High
Game 1:

Daniel, Kasey, and Tyler started school at Rootville high school. They save billionaire Richard Xander’s life. Tyler goes to jail and Xander bails him out. They each reveal their powers to one another. The football team ties them to a tree in the woods. Billy Thompson tries to electrocute everyone with his bare hands.

Game 2:

Angelique Winkle has a passion for insects and the new kid Evan Brandhagen. When mutated bugs swarm her, she takes on insectoid characteristics. Kasey discovers a cult below a coffee shop and tries to join. Daniel tries to help Kasey out by taking him to meet Hollo. Angelique kidnaps Evan, and Kasey, Daniel and Tyler battle Angelique to rescue him. Tyler kills her and Dante eats her heart.

Game 3:

Coach Hardy is obsessed with winning. A freak accident in his sauna have given him the powers of Pyrokinesis. Kasey joins the football team. Daniel and Tyler meet Samantha Harris and join the Journalism Club. Richard Xander defies his father in a business plan that saves several people their jobs. The coach attacks the principal, a player, and Kasey before the trio stop him. Dante takes full control of Kasey and murders two football players then runs away to runevale. Daniel, Tyler, and Sean Hayes join him in the Chaos dimension where he meets Cthlios (The God of Chaos). Dante leaves for the arctic.

Game 4:

Megan Sweet’s skeleton allows her to assume the form of anyone. She assumes the form of Xander to rob a bank. Daniel and Tyler meet the new assistant coachJames Dean and janitor John Smith. All four of them stop Megan from stealing Samantha’s life and two new heroes appear. Xander turns the tables on Tyrone Jones, a journalist turned extortionist, gaining himself an unwilling ally at the Independence Ledger.


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