Angelique Winkle

An obsessive girl with insectoid abilities



Early Life

Angelique spent a lot of time in a treehouse her father had built them. Angelique later stopped hanging around people after her parents’ divorce.

Year One

Angelique was attacked by a swarm of mutated bugs which gave her superhuman powers. She had improved eyesight, superhuman strength, and the ability to spin webbing. With her new found insect abilities, Angelique had one thing on his mind: mating with the new kid, Evan Brandhagen. After being rejected by Evan several times she killed her mother and molted in the shower and then she kidnapped Evan.

Kasey, Daniel, and Tyler found them in Angelique’s old treehouse, and they battled outside the nearby warehouse. During the battle, Tyler shot Angelique in the throat. Angelique’s heart was devoured by Kasey after the struggle.

Angelique Winkle

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