Daniel Groseclos (Hollo's Champion)


Early Life

At some point in time he met with the plant spirit Hollo and was imbued with his magical powers.

Year One

Daniel moved to Rootville in 2014. He arrived with two other students all from different backgrounds. His first week there he made friends with Kasey and Tyler, met a billionaire, fought a super-powered psychopath, and saved hundreds of students.
His second week was even stranger than the first with the arrival of new kid Evan Brandhagen. Another girl Angelique would gain powers of her own, fall in love with Evan, and then kidnap him. Daniel and his friends rescued Evan but, Daniel was powerless to stop his friends from killing Angelique and Kasey from eating her heart.
Despite the atrocities committed the previous week, Daniel remained friends with Kasey and Tyler. Daniel and Tyler joined the investigative journalism club and met Samantha Harris. He and his friends uncovered a secret about the football coach and put a stop to him. Afterwards his friend Kasey murdered several of the other football players that picked on them their first week. Kasey now fully possessed by the spirit Dante left, Rootville and went to Runevale ton assignment from an evil cult. Daniel would later meet Elementum and fight hideous inter dimensional monstrosities before saying goodbye to Kasey.
A week after the Rootville Massacre, Daniel would be thrown into another adventure when he meets John Smith and James Dean. Them along with Tyler would stop a shapeshifter known as Megan Valentine and save Samantha’s life

Daniel Groseclos (Hollo's Champion)

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