Early Life

Hollo’s forest was torn down by the pioneers of America, during which his host plant was destroyed. In his anguish he cursed these pioneers giving them what is known as small-pox. Seeing the massive repercussions of this disease, which spread to the Native Americans that had worshiped Hollo as a God, He shrank back to a much less powerful form and fled humanity to begin to search for a new home. After years of searching he came across a mystical grove that was completely untouched by humanity (Later the city of Rootville). he lived here in peace for hundreds of years, until Hollo sensed a visitor in his grove. Hollo sought out this visitor and found Daniel Groseclos. Instead of turning Daniel into a plant, Holl sensed that he was an honest soul who cared about nature. Hollo offered Daniel the chance to become his champion and Daniel accepted. Hollo transferred his powers unto Daniel and left him with the mission to protect nature.

Year One

Hollo has been assisting Daniel and his companions with several of their missions and helped Daniel and Kasey read the language of the old gods.


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