Richard Xander

A young eccentric billionaire with a dark past and even darker future.


Early Life

Richard is a clone created from Kimball’s first son Nickolas Christianson. Richard trained with The Black Syndicate from an early age and was partners with Jake Yeller, Ken Royal, and Hannah West the children of the syndicates leaders, the Yellers, the Royals, and the Wests.

Richard was raised without real affection, parenting, or love. Instead, Kimball put Richard through intense exercises and sent him away to expensive, exclusive boarding schools.

While at Grimmland Academy Preparatory School, Richard and his friend Melvin Kingly were bullied by Ken Royal. Richard eventually turned on Melvin to gain Ken’s acceptance and beat him up so brutally, Melvin stumbled into the street and was hit by a car. Richard expressed regret at betraying Melvin but never forgave Ken for the way he treated them. Richard left Grimmland Academy and then went to Independence University but he was kicked out.

Like his father, Richard graduated from Princeton with a Bachelor’s degree in biochemical engineering in less than four years and was taking a break from graduate studies at Yale in 2014 when he was sent to live in Rootville to manage the XanTech Lumber Plant Number Three-Four-Seven.

Year One

On his first day in Rootville, Richard was driving on a bridge when he lost control of his car and fell into the river.Kasey used his powers to save Xander from drowning, and so began their friendship and Richard’s secret investigations. While attempting to communicate with him Tyler was mistakenly viewed as an assassin and sent to jail. Richard would later bail him out as a favor to Kasey.

His friendship with Kasey ended on the day known as the “Rootville Massacre” when Kasey went to his house, left a goodbye message and then jumped out of his window. Since then he has been allying himself with Daniel and Tyler and has bailed them out of jail.

Currently, he has hired Tyrell Jones, an investigative reporter to get find out about the two new “heroes” that have appeared in Rootville.

Richard Xander

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