Rootville is a small rural town in Oregon, USA on Earth.


A wood production branch of XanTech is located in Rootville, known as XanTech Lumber Mill Number 347.
Life is centered on Main Street, as it has been for two hundred years. Generation after generation has used the same bank, gas station, and library. The town is surrounded by dense forest.
When the Meta-Wave occurred, it caused all sorts of mutations to the town and its citizens.
Rootville itself changed dramatically in the years following the Meta-Wave. It was dubbed “America’s Weirdest Town” by a national news magazine, and it seemed that strange, unexplainable things were always taking place in the quiet hamlet that seemed so normal on the surface. Bizarre occurrences became increasingly common in Rootville.

Several people were killed in 2014 by a new resident Kasey Jerome. The day was called The Rootville Massacre and devastated the whole town.


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